Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Why why why?

Why can't I always be strong and emotionless? I love it when I am. 
Why can't I be happy? Because I have never been happy. 
Why am I so unlovable? Because noone ever loves me. 

I know I'm so negative... But I can't help it. My mind isn't normal, and my depression suffers deeply. I'm fed up of such an unhappy life. I want to experience happiness. I want to experience being loved. But no. I just suffer all the time. 

Why am I the one who deserves this?! All I do is try! Try and help, try and be happy! 

I guess. I'm used to it. Is what I can say about every goddamm aspect of bullshit in my life. Please. I just want the normal things in life...


  1. It'll come when you least expect it, focus on yourself and the right person will
    Come along, Phil

  2. Chin up...start to love yourself and things will get better