Thursday, 20 October 2016

Everything seems to be going wrong!

As the title says. Everything seems to be going wrong lately! I seriously hate how life just seems to get worse for me.
  The things I talk about may sound a little petty to you. But with my illnesses everything just is a big ballache! I went to get my glasses fixed yesterday... I had to make do with them being glued till a frame became available. Then the same day i tried to go get my phone fixed. That said to return the next day. Which I did. My screen is fixed but they have broke my camera. Whatttt.
  Now it might not seem much but for me it is exhausting business to go through. And I can feel myself crashing very soon, especially since it is closer to working. My illness sucks. If I was normal. Going out and walking wouldn't be a problem. But noooo my muscles are killing me and I have already pulled muscles in my butt!
  Facebook blocked me again. Because a male fucked me around yet again, and I vented on Facebook with male hate and some fucker obviously reported it and got me blacked. In the findom world it has died again.. no decent, loyal geniune subs. And my clips are not selling. It's a good job I am used to living on £60 a week. Looks like I shall be going back to that! Unless it picks up.
  I'm sat here typing and my body just wants to sleep. I want to play Fallout. But I know sleep will probably win.

  Why can I not be illness free? Not continue to be fucked over? Not have everything, small or big, fuck around for me. It's utter bullshit.

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