Friday, 4 November 2016

Too much hate.

  'Be happy.' Not so simple really. I have so much hate. Too mauch hate for people. Places. Just everything. Some of it will be jealousy, others are happt when I aint... but sometimes it's just pure simple hate. It's annoying. But at the same time just can't be fucked.
  People are the thing i hate the most. It's like we live in a world of quite simply, idiots! Popping out kids, over populating the world and for what? So they get more money off the government because they can't be fucked working when they are quite fully capable. And you get people like me, physically can't do much... I work two nights a week and TRY and recover all week, and my illness is just getting worse which makes it even more of a ballache!
  I'm known for my man hate:.. god that shit is pure hate for them fuckers. Like so goddamn intense because of what the fuckers have put me through, and still do. Like, why do you all have to think with your dicks (if you're buying my clips... then continue hahah)
  But I hate females too. Also intensely. I have one PROPER female friend. The rest are shit. Only bother when they want something... I mean I may hate males, but they are much better friends than the Females! Dramtic little bitches, who do not know what REAL PROTECTION is. I don't even care anymore.
  I hate England. Why is it such a horrible place? We can't even think of our any shows anymore ee gotta copy America... the only way England will redeem their TV life is by bringing back shit like Skins and Misfits. But they won't because... they're fucking idiots.
  Where I am Wigan. it's even worse full of dramatic cunts who can't just leave people like me alone because I'' being myself and don't care what people think and they're unhappywith themselves and can't do what I do and don't have the comfidence. So TRY and belittle me... let me tell you. If you're one of those idiots and reading this? Guess won't it won't work. I'm happy with myself and what I do. (Minus my nose but saving for nose job). Take your irrelavent copies up your arse because you've nit spoken to me and if you have it was a verrrryyy long tume ago... meaning YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. fools.
  I hate my illness. Just unableto live a normal life... I wanna work. I wanna do things wihout crashing. I don't wanna be tired or in pain anymore... and like I said it's just getting worse... my eyes struggle to focus these days... just all sorts.

  Yeah I have too much hate. I just wanna be happy. But in a world ful of ijits... is that possible anymore?!

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