Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The game is being ruined.

  Financial Domination.
  People all the time don't seem to believe that people giving others money for fuck all is an actualy Fetish! I don't know about giving the money... but recieving the money? Yeah I fucking love it!
  It's being ruined though. Because people copy others and they try it out for themselves... though they never last long, but they get paid. Because they sre 'fresh meat' but have no fucoking clue!
  Being a cunt comes naturally for me, so it's super easy. I've also been doing thise for over a year. My clips for about 4 months. Would I ever stop? Not while I can't work proper because of my illness, no! I mean why would I?! While I only work part time £70 a week isn't enough, ao the extra money is fun to have! And the gifts too, it's fun to get gifts.

  My point for this post is as it says... the game of Financial Domination is being ruined!! Too many 'dommes' are joining. And these dommes are instas (haven't a clue, don't last long). There are also not enough actual paying pigs... they're hrd to find.
  I don't know what it is but they defo get scared of me when they get into a long term contract... I think I'm too greedy, but fuck me, that is the whole point!
  It's quite frustrating to have so many timewasters in this game. If you have only fetishes, but no money, you should just find someone who will sort out your fetishes yourself. As going to a findomme you are expected to fucking pay!

  On another note, since I haven't posted in so long, I'm okay again. Sort of. I'm single as fuck but maybe that helps. No stress making me sleepless anymore! The last guy proper fucked woth me. I went all in, while he went half in and half into other girls! Constantly messaged others behind my back. I mean we were not serious, but I told him not to lie about stuff like that but noooo I did a little digging and found it out. Peter Burgess, you fucking wanker :').
  I mean I'm not happy. I still constantly get that ache from being alone and loneliess. But I'm okay. Gotta thank pills no dount for that. Making me emotionless more of the time.
  Recently, you would have seen me getting indirect abuse. They are all horrible bullies who say stuff. Never kmown me in their life but talk shit because they're jumping on the bandwaggon. And nope. They never say it to my face. And my god I've walked past so many of them! Just because you don't like what I do, doesn't give them a right to bully me. Also someone buying a video to send it around that's whacked up too... but they made my sales increase around that time. Thankfully it's stopped now. Or so it seems. Which is good. Being told go and die and all that bullshit was horrible. But as I'm used to it, and I'm strong it finally didn't effect me.
  Friends only seem to bother when they want something well except a few. Which I appreciate.
  Life sucks. It really does. Just handed so much bullshit! get CFS/ME, coughing up blood, and a bunch of other shit to do with my phyiscal state. Then you get the mental state... aways being fucked around by the male population, and they wonder why I hate them!
  I'm gutted, I want my partner and happy ending. Seeing everyone loved up takes its toll. I have nothing to live for right now but my cats. It sucks!

  Anyway. If you are into Financial Dominatiin? Get in touh. Or surprise me with a payment!

abbylewis36@gmail.com -- Circlepay
Abbylouise56@gmail.com -- Amazon GC.



I just needed to rant. With my loneliness. This blogging helps!
PS I'm addicted to Orange Lucozade. HAHA.

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