Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I'm just fed up of being unhappy.

  As always, the title tells me the basis of this blog post! I'm fed up of being happy. For the past few days I have been pretty numb to emotions. Maybe because my body crashed with my illness so I haven't been feeling human!
  In all honesty I should legit just become an alcohol... it's an easy fucking diet and well it makes my illness crash... so i have no room to feel emotion. And in all honesty I would love to be forever emotionless. The feeling of being lonely, alone and unhappy will never affect me like it does right now!
  I want more cats, a new kitten, I just need to fill the hole and that will only be filled with cats and money!  Because let's be serious, I'm always gonna be single. And mates? What the fuck, they don't bother with me. They never ask how I am. They never make sure I'm okay etc. And it's just so fucking annoying.
  There are people out there who are happy, they have everything, in fact it's most people. But they really do not fuckong deserve it! They lie, cheat, sleaze and are horrible fucking creatures! Why the fuck do these people get to be happy while I struggle to even be okay?

I'm done with life. The end is near.

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