Thursday, 8 February 2018

Going Nowhere...

  Ever just sit there and think... life is going nowhere? I do, all the fucking time, because quite frankly... life for me, is going nowhere. I'm nearly 25, most people my age, loved up, loads of kids, and I'm just sat here with 10 cats, can't even get a fucking date, never mind a guy... my fantasies are in my dreams. If I was normal in the mind everything would be fine. But no, I overthink, I want to be happy... Why do i have the worst luck? Because I fucking do.
  I have nobody, not really, endless loneliness and being fucking alone. I have shitty illnesses that make it so I can't live proper, which does my head in, I wanna go out and travel and not end up in bed for days and days... As I always say, I miss working, would be soooo much easier if I could work, I would just work all the fucking time, forget people, forget the loneliness, forget being alone. But no life is against me, and gives me an illness that sucks! People don't understand though.... Oh get some caffeine in ya, get some iron tablets... like, fuck, can you piss off with your goddamn ignorance?! If that worked.. don't you think I would have already?! Utter ignorant fools.
  As always, Findom, Clips are currently slow, again, annoying. I mean, so fucking annoying, the cunts who copied me and lie about EVERYTHING do better than me, so should I just lie about everything guys?? Pretend to be someone I aint?! HA, Na, I'm okay, everyone gets found out in the end, ey.... money makes me happy, even a little, I mean, i have accepted I will never be loved, I will never ever be with anyone again, I guess I'm at a loss at having mates who wanna see me... because they never fucking do unless they need or want something... so money and cats, yep only things to make me a little happy...
  I've been watching Doctor Who lately, well re watching, as I have seen all the newer seasons, I'm on Season 8 right now, Clara and Capaldi, I forgot how good Doctor Who is and looking forward to how they portray the woman Dctor, nest should be someone black I reckon, then I dunno, how long can they carry it on ey?! I still much prefer Torchwood though. I wish they would bring it back... in fact Skins and Misfits should return too, so much more they can do with them two, I reckon anyway. As you see I have no life, I spend all my time with my ten cats in my room watching TV Shows, and I also read a lot. I guess it beats just sitting here, I guess, but I do miss human company... which I only get on the weekend, at work, with annoying drunkens!
  Technology especially Social Media... it's killed humanity. It really fucking has.Nobody gets out anymore to meet anyone, and online talking, dating, etc... it just isn't the same, especially when there are fake profiles of you so you can't have certain dating sites, quite unfair.. Kids also aren't kids anymore, and the ones who go outside and 'play' are 90% neglected bratty kids who are mouthy as fuck. Maybe power needs to be cut off from the world... but then I would mis my TV shows ha. Saddo that I am.
  There's a lot that goes on in my head, hence why my blogs are jumbled etc. I just put what comes into my mind no matter how bloody random it seems... which it normally does ha.
  N-Dubz, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, JLS.... when are you gonna get back together? Everyone else has, and dear boys of One Direction it's been longer than a year hiatus that you've split up... false promises! I love the solo stuff but I still want you back together. I'm honestly nearly 25 hahaa.
  Life is lonely, and I am alone, but I'm still fighting, even though I have no reason to fight...

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