Tuesday, 10 April 2018

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  Ever just read books and want to jump right into that world as it sounds so much better? I bloody do. To those of you who don’t know, I read, I read a hell of a lot. Alot don’t believe me because of the whole blondness, but hey I have read since I was about 6 maybe even younger. I remember reading all the books in the primary school I was in and I hadn’t even hit year 4, that’s how much I love a good book. Obviously my favourite genre is the dark fantasy types but them there’s the romance, and then I have won so many books on Goodreads which has opened my eyes and made me enjoy more genres, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? I always do... but I still tend to read them haha.
  Have you ever read a book and the first thing you do is skip to the back and read the last page? I do this about 80% of the time, surely I’m not alone in this? And what about when you’re right about what’s happening in the book, I’m rarely surprised at something in a book, so when I am I would say it is a pleasant surprise since it rarely happens...
  Check me out babbling on here, I dunno. I’m actually reading a book where the main chick is also deeply into reading and blogs about them, so I guess that’s why. I mean I dunno about blogging about the books, I’d hate to spoil it for some readers you know? I mean me, if someome ruins something for me, like a book I’d still read it, or a TV show or film, I’d still watch it. It doesn’t bother me. But loads get deeply offended if you ruin it for them, and I have ruined some things for people. Not always on purpose haha.

  Okay, so, I know I always update you. So i will. As always. I’m up at 5.21am typing this, the lovely cats of mine woke me about an hour ago, and time seems to bloody fly doesn’t it?! I need sleep badly, as I have to be up kind of tomorrow, this always happens. I need to be up, so sleep doesn’t bloody happen, always just my bloody luck ey. Anyhow. I’m hyper from lack of sleep... so this post probably won’t be so down. I mean. I’m sorry if I offended anyone ever with my Blog Posts, but they help me. Depression sucks, CFS sucks. I’m 25 but living like I’m 75, one that is almost dying. Since you know alot of older people these days are still living like they’re 20 haha. It’s weird. I dread being so much older. How will I cope. I want a cure for CFS, it’s a pain it is.
  How has my illness even been? A bloody struggle I tell you that for free, I just seem to be getting worse, I live a little, BOOM, crash for a few days and struggle, like, shit. It’s so bloody unfair. Yeah, I know people ‘are worse off than me’. But they probably have support unlike me, and I dunno they have something or someone to fight for. I don’t think I do. I know I don’t. But I am still here, that’s got to matter, even though life genuinely hates me and clearly wants me to give up, maybe one day but I’m gonna try fight. A little longer at least.
  Findom and clips, as always shitty, I got a few gifts off my wishlist because of my birthday, but someone totally faked buying, annoys me that, just don’t buy yeah? Please. I get my hopes up. For nothing. And clips have been slow, I’m unable to advertise much atm, Social Media seems to be hating me and keeps removing, well Instagram and Facebook, so I only have Twitter really. I’ll advertise here— www.iwantgoddessabbyy.com. https://onlyfans.com/abbyylewis36https://www.xtremeplaypen.com/model/abbyy36.html  Hopefully that helps an increase, cmon guys haha. You’ll love the content.

  I feel like I have friends here actually give a shit, they bother with me (mostly) it just sucks because sometimes I’m too ill to do anything tbh. I feel like a failure. A burden. But we already know that. Guys? I have been speaking to someone, I am hoping it works out, we’ll see. That’s all I shall say haha.

  Oooo, I have finally been able to game! My cat broke my xbox, and then my kittens broke the TV and been so drained in between to game, I’m super behind on my show but i have wanted to game again for so long. Only bad thing is with my illness getting worse it isn’t long before I get a migraine from gaming, and my concentration goes, and my eyes go... just can’t I be normal please world, please life?

  Can life stop hating me and give me some good things for once? I deserve them, I know I do...

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