Wednesday 27 April 2016

Feeling better...

I guess with my last posts I have been fewling down, and then the psychic reading helped me... It's still the case. I still feel okay mentally. I have my moments were my heart hurts for not so long because I remember all the loss I have suffered, but then I remember it's okay. They're not worth thinking about, they obviously was not supposed to stay in my life. Sly fuckers anyway. 

I'm pretty sure were I am from and live there are no decent people. Everyone just wants drama, and are snakes and sly little worms. Not worth having in my life. I'd rather just be alone with me cats then bother with fools! 

Cats make me insanely happen. It's why I tend to love them and want more! I would love more a cat farm or something... Like I'd be so content! I have 5 cats now, Ben, Angel, Eric, Blue and Mumble. I do miss the ones I lost though. 
And for those wondering... Eric is named after Happy Feet 2 penguin and Mumble is the first movie. As you can see I love penguins as well. They're cute. 

I guess. As always I'm rambling! 

My CFS and depression... Are so much better these days. I'm still exhausted and so so so sore, and I do have moments were I am sad, but hey ho. 

CFS / ME still needs more awareness, especially were I live full of ignorant idiots! Like because you're sleepy doesn't mean you have it! There is more to it than tiredness. 

Oh well. Another rambling!

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