Tuesday 12 April 2016

Kitty Family.

Anyone who knows me knows my love for cats, So yep a full post for it.
I love kitties so much! I used to be a dog person, but then we got our first cats, and preferred them. Especially after I got my first kitten that I myself bought My first kitten, which was a female called Angel.
When I got her my love for cats grew immensely! They are adorable. Angel had her first litter, definately thought she was having a shit rather than babies, but then she actually gave birth she was a brilliant, her first litter was 4 kittens. I managed to keep two of those, Patch and Eric. Sadly Patch died. Broke my heart.
She then had her second litter, and I managed to let my mum let me have one of those which was Tigger. He too also died and that broke my heart more as he was the one who kissed me and cuddled me all the time, he was adorable.
I also bought Blue. Who is a blue grey and he is ultra adorable but a mini slag, but then aint all cats?!

Recently for my birthday I managed to get my mum let me get another kitten because of Tigger breaking my heart... The kitten is ultra adorable and it's hard to sex him/her atm but I know it eill be called Mumble for a male, Bella for a female!

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