Friday 9 June 2017

I'm fed up of being forgotten.

  The title says it all really... I am fed up of being forgotten. It's heartbreaking. It hurts. I'm fed up of it... loke it isn't even a joke. Everyone leaves, I'm forgotten, they're happy, and my head is fucking fucked up that I can't forget. I'm just going in endless cycles of hating myself.
  Both exes forgot me. The ex best mate who I fell for forgot me. Every old mate forgot me. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone forgets me.
  Why is it that all these people who fucked with me and my head are allowed to be happy... but me? I'm not allowed to be happy. Just endlesss fuckery with my head! They are the ones who deserve to have the unhappiness that I have. Not me. I deserve to be happy. I deserve happiness. Just for once. Let it happen. Let it stay. I am fed up of crying daily. I am fed up fo being hurt by everyone!

  It seems I'm not good enough. Every guy I give a chance too ends up proving me right. They fuck me around too. It's like... are there no decent people anymore?! It does not seem to be so not for me. I think I am destined to just be hurt over and over and over again. No relief. No happiness. No pain free mind. No uncomplicated thoughts. It's a ballache man!

  I don't really have mates either. They all leave too. They stay for abit then they get their happy ending then boom... bye bye Abby. You're not even real. You never existed. You just helped me out when i was bored but now I have my happy ending you don't fit into it!
  And that is honestly the truth. No mates talk to me or reach out to me. I have to message first. I have to pester for a reply. I'm just done. Done with people. With life.

  I need to face facts. My happy ending isn't gonna happen. Everyone forgets me. I want to just forget myself at this rate.

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