Monday 17 December 2018


 Hey guys. So. I thought I’d vent and blog about something other thank how shit my life is! Ha. 

  I thought I’d talk about something I believe in - reincarnation. I don’t know why I believe in this. I just do! I mean I’m not religious, I’m unsure about God, angels, etc, but reincarnation is something different?! 
  I believe myself must of been someone reallt fucking bad in a past life at one point because of life now punishing me. I don’t have a clue who. Kinda drawn to King Henry? Hmm. We’ll never know because I have nowhere i can get a Past Life Regression (aye, I’ve asked!). 
  And I have a feeling that my cat Kanye is both Tigger and Patch who passed as he has traits of both kitties. If that’s even possible like, being two souls into one? Now that’s a thought for you. I mean, has anyone ever mentioned such a thing before? If so I really haven’t seen it and it should be posted about more. 

I just wanted to put that point across. I’m too tired to say much else as I haven’t slept. 

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  1. Hey Abbyy I'm really sorry to leave this comment out of place on your blog but I can't find you on FetLife any more. Are you still doing findom? Cus if so, please email me (donotattacklubu at gmail dot com) to talk :)