Thursday 16 May 2019

Catchup, been a while!

  Hey you lot! I haven’t posted in a god awful while and I thought I would again. Starting with a catch up on my life... not much has changed, but at the same time, it has... complicated mind and all that shit, ey! Haha.
  Still single, lonely and alone. Barely see anyone either. Got fired from Bentleys Wigan over some chick who’d been there for two months... over my four years and two months, pretty shitty. But in reality? Blessing in disguise... I was only coping by taking alot of cocodomol, and drinking alot on the job, which in turn made my illnesses worse.
  Which brings me to my illnesses, yup, still shitty, in fact I am worse, which sucks but I’m trying. For once in my mind I’m a little positive, a little hopeful, a little... more than my depression. I’m trying to travel, Rome next month (I’ll totally blog a review! Which I’m gonna start doing.) and then i have Paris in NYE. The only problem, money. Sales are kinda slow and shit at the moment (reading this help me out!). So kinda struggling! Hell. But it needs to happen, I need to get out more... it isn’t fun being disabled, but I’m finally coming to terms after three years after being diagnosed. I just have to prepare. Be careful. I’m excited and a little worried but trying not to be. Just hope I can make them! Money needs to pick up. I finally tried for disability (PIP) but I got rejected. So gonna go for Universal cCredit and tell them I can’t work. Which I really can’t. I’ve had alot more weakness, falling at home, struggling to move at certain points, relying on my mum more. It does suck. Being 26, disabled, single for life, alone and lonely. But it is what it is hence why I totally wanna travel, just hope my body can cope, as I do also have travel sickness and hayfever, amongst my 5 illnesses... my, I’m a wreck haha.
  Anyhow, there isn’t much else to update with. Me myself and I. Hoping for a better life. More sales. And as always more cats hahaha.

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