Thursday 16 May 2019

Game Review; Rage 2 (so far).

  Hey! Well this is something new for me, and I though I’d blog more NOT focusing in the shitty depression and shit life (though probably still will occasionally!). 
  Anyhow I got this when it was released (Tuesday) and played it since, literally obsessed. Like with any new game took me a hot minute to get used, pausing and double checking controls. I’m playing the game in Easy mode. I always do pretty much. I love playing games for their stories, not particularly for a challenge if I’m honest. The game starts in the first area where you are running through the settlement killing a bunch of the first enemies which we encounter. Pretty easy to get through, then you speak to Lily or Lucy something like this and she’s the one to send you outside to explore. 
  You start in the first vehicle (to me this has been the easiest to control anyway!) and drive down the road. The first encounter for me was the roadblock with Bandits. Eliminate all the Bandits, and then lower the roadblock. Again easy, more than likely because of the setting I chose! This done with begin driving again and soot another vehicle, which tells me to ‘go to a trade town to save vehicle). Me having no clue googled this, and obviously the first one is the next area along, so I travel hereto get the trade town saved since it’s also a place to ‘fast travel’ which kinda saves some time really!! Of course, on the way to this town there were more encounters to complete, though my mind has gone blank trying to think which ones, standard! Ha. 
  Once getting to this first trade town, you’re going to encounter a town to sell stuff, buy stuff, it’s a pretty small place, easy to navigate. In this town is the first person you have been sent to find and he gives you a mission down in the Sewer to turn it back on, as it’s been over run by enemies. Again, another great mini mission for you, and once this is done you have more chance to explore, and there are two other people you need to visit. But going into those areas are higher levels, so i decided to explore a hell of a lot more. I’ve done quite a but around the main road used so far, and I will be trying to explore of the map. 
  Online I keep checking stuff, and I keep seeing Rage being referred to ‘doom’ and ‘mad max’. I mean I haven’t played either BUT in my eyes it’s pretty much like Fallout and Far Cry. I mean the barren worlds, and then certain areas controlled by certain people (allies not enemies this time). 
  That’s all I have to say for now. But I do recommend you get it. Like I said only played it a couple days, but I’m already loving it and already obsessed!

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