Tuesday 28 May 2019

Second game review Rage 2

  okaaaay guys! I have finished Rage 2 pretty much, main story done! Most the little bits there is tit do... done! And here’s my honest review on the game.

  I got to say first up- the story is very short which is a let down, I tried so hard not to go to the last mission... and then I had no other choice and was done in about 15 minutes! After defeating who I was supposed too, almost dying, coming back to life, there is nothing much else to do but do what I haven’t already, bountys, convoys, various killing of creatures and taking over their settlements... so yeah I kind of switched it off. As I’d done most of it, just a couple of boxes I never found or data pads and just couldn’t be bothered.
  Overall though I did love the game, absolutely 100%. I’ve never played Doom, but I looked at a trailer and I’d say, yes it’s a little like that... graphic wise. Gameplay I can’t comment on. My reference was always Fallout and Far Cry in one game, leaning more towards Far Cry.
  Not much else to say here... you should check out the game, I know there will be some extra content to download within the next few months, which I’m looking forward too.

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