Sunday 23 June 2019

Rome, Italy.

  I told you all I’d be trying to post more, and what else than about my recent holiday, my first trip since my ex and my first trip ever that I organised myself. Kinda overspent though. Got an email saying I’m in overdraft... but I don’t have overdraft haha. Ah well. Worth it. It was so peaceful. My hotel was way out the way but I don’t mind, I mean I could not of been bothered with the constant business, oh and my hotel had a pool! I can’t swim but putting my legs in sure cooled me down! Only bad thing about the hotel was being surrounded by motorways and really couldn’t walk anywhere, so having to get taxis and ubers everywhere... most of spent about 300 alone on those!
  Anyway, main reason I went Rome was the Trevi fountain, as I believe the wish thing, so yeah. Travelled miles to see the fountain. Now anyone who’s gonna go Rome- run from the guys on the streets with bracelets, they pretend it’s free then beg for money. Should be illegal. But yeah, we stayed in town for abit, had my first glass of red wine without lemonade and it wasn’t so bad! Also had this mini cocktail, which was clearly just alcohol haha. Brutal stuff. Back on subject- the Trevi fountain itself is a beautiful fountain and landmark, I really would avoid it though till 12/1AM. I mean, we went about 9 and it was still packed- crowds upon crowds, could not get to it and well, didn’t want to push my way through when the army is there with AK47’s, I kid you not! So we just walked around abit, me and my love for sugar ended up buying ice cream and slushes, absolutely belting over there! Homemade, so fucking nice. Bought my gifts for everyone. When we managed to get to the fountain we sat for an hour it was chilled, relaxing, but in the corner on the road a couple were clearly getting too frisky haha. But all in all I got to see my main reason for going, so happy with that.
  Did you know you can buy weed in shops over there?!! Heck, that needs to happen with England. I bought some blueberry weed, very sweet, also got some tea and gummies, all not bad. Again, needs to legalise here. Annoying that it isn’t. Not alot if harm and it helps. It sure helps me. Especially my RLS!! Anyway good buys, went there the last day, just wanted a walk about!
  We just chilled otherwise.. like I said, hotel too out the way. So we ended up ordering takeaways, chilling by the pool. I don’t mind as it was still better than England, still a great break to have.
  I’m happy too as I only had one crash day, where I literally didn’t move out of bed, so that’s good. But now I’m home I’ve crashed ever since, and hot weather here isn’t the same- it’s fucking awful, my head and eyes won’t stop hurting. Sucks to be me haha. Anyway, this is all i had to post! Thanks for reading.

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