Thursday 9 January 2020

Paris, France.

  Paris, France; my latest destination, and the worst Holiday ever. It has made me realise I prefer my own company- others are just annoying and considerate, especially when it comes to myself being sick. And not looking sick.
  The person I went away with kept waking me, made it awkward at the get-go to the point I avoided him, and in the last two days I had to get a second room just so I could get some sleep, as he kept waking me! (Hint here to help me with sales get out of Overdraft!) He knows who he is, and I appreciate him saying sorry towards the end, but too late an unejoyable holiday for me..!
  I realised I like to go on holiday... but I aint too 'touristy', the only place I visited was The Eiffel Tower and a cruise after it, alone. Very relaxing, but I did get bored on the tour of the Tower. I didn't really want to visit anywhere else.All the tourist places anyway, just liked to be out of England.

  I still want to travel, and my biggest aim is America, it's just hard, money wise and not just money wise but illness wise. I know it's best to travel alone, since well I know my illnesses the most and won't wake myself up. But what if I collapsed? And what about my travel sickness on top? It's all scary.

  Anyhow Paris- it's a beautiful city, all white washed buildings, my hotel was on the outerskirts called Malakoff, Adagio Aparthotel... and yep it was a hotel with a kitchenette- for fellow travellers this saves money completely, take some pasta in your suitcase and if you're at a loss for money, you're sorted! I always aim for hotels with a kitchenette these days- also one near other places to eat out if wanting too. Thankfully the hotel we were at was at a decent place- my favourite place was a bakery across the road- I went in mostly every day- and my IBS only played up on the last day so I could enjoy myself!
  The food there I would get with- I have a sweet tooth- something they clearly have too... sugar in the morning, sugar all day! Proper baked goods! I enjoyed the eclairs- they filled them with Chocolate, then there were these cakes like the eclairs but as a cake... yum!
  All in all, the best part was clearly the food. I did enjoy myself, but need to be careful with who I holiday with. Me and my illnesses need sleep!

  Where to next? Who knows? In fact who knows if I even could travel anymore? Let's hope so, I need to see America...

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