Tuesday 15 June 2021

I’m always ignored if I DO reply…

  So it’s rare I bother with people tbh. When I do though? People just ignore fuck out of me. And it’s like any wonder why i don’t bother??? Why do people suck so much! I literally do not know any decent person near me. I promise you. Full of asshats and selfish cunts. 

  This week seems to be dragging, probably because I want Thursday and Sunday haha, the quiz nights. Only time I see any humans, even though I have no real mates and end up alone 😂. But I guess it’s just good to be out. Even thought my body punishes me for being out of bed! 

  I heard lockdown is extended, again? What a joke. England is the only country that has done this and for so fucking long… any wonder why I actually hate England? You really cannot blame me. Awful place. Awful people. Awful shows. Awful music. Blah. Get me to America haha. 

  I know I’ve pushed myself lately… immune system is shot so I have a damn coldsore. Great. Only time will tell when I get the cold the people in the house have! 

  Well anyway. Just needed to vent. But you know me, I have nobody to even message ha. So me blogging. Talking to myself. Like I’ve said before nobody really read the blog anyway! 

 Till next time I need to talk. 

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