Thursday 14 July 2016

I've been in a bad place recently...

for those who personally know me, know recently I've been in a fucked up place. But hey I should eventually come out of this, well, I always do eventually... Life is so hard with my illnesses, and yes I know people have it worse, but I should be allowed not to cope if I can't and sometimes, I really really can't.

Not much has and can cheer me up right now, other than cats, money, and gifts...

What's causing my breakdowns? I'm unsure. It's like I lie in bed and think how lonely and alone I am, and even though I have friends, I will never get that 'special someone'. I trust noone and noone even wants me in the first place.

My eyesight is doing my head in. It's like my CFS is making my eyesight blur and unable to focus sometimes... It really sucks.

I would love to be normal and illness free. People take life for granted, you don't know a thing when you struggle to live and love off hardly a thing because you can only work part time but have keep and cats to pat for...

An endless shitty cycle.

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