Tuesday 5 July 2016

Me Before You.

Wow wow wow.

Okay so when I heard of this movie coming out (I actually hadn't heard of it before, even though it was a book first). But yeah I went and got the book, obviously... And so I read that book, I also got the book After You as well.
Jojo Moyes is a brilliant authour and I ended up getting even more of her books, some I haven't read yet, because I have like 50 books I have yet to get through!!

But yeah, this book and movie are both brilliant, of course the movie left out some points of the book, but still I loved every second. It is going to be one of my favourite Romance movie and book for a very long time.

The whole thing where there isn't an actual proper happy ending was a change from the obvious happy ending... Which in this case it would have been Will staying alive and living happily ever after with Louise.
The storyline of the paralytic is a strong one, and obviously some people have spread hate but in all honesty people need to take a chill pill and put themself in the characters shoes! If I was Will I actually would have done the same... Love is sometimes not enough to want to stay alive. In some ways I have felt like Will in that sense, I know CFS/ME is not really as bad but it can give you the sense of no longer wanting to live.

If you haven't read the book. I suggest you do. THEN watch the movie. Like I said some things are missed out but isn't that always the case of movie adaptations.

I really do hope they make a movie adaptation of After You.

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