Thursday 23 June 2016

Sexist, ignorant minds.

So. Basically. What annoys me so much how ignorant and sexist people can be regarding everything, especially when it come to the naked body.

Males are allowed to do as they wish, they can show off what they have and it's okay... But females? It isn't allowed. It really fucking pisses me off. Don't be so sexist, ignorant and judgemental...

Everyone who has me on social media knows that I tend to post my body. And then ASSUME that I'm a slag, who sleep around etc, etc... Just seriously fuck off. Ignorant. I don't sleep around. If you really must know it's almost the 7th month of the year and I have had sex only three times. Males piss me off how they think with their dick!

Yesterday I had two males tell me how I don't deserve a decent male because I post my body. My response they get blocked. Of course I deserve a decent bloke. It isn't my fault they don't fucking exist! Or if they do they don't want me!

I do not post my body for attention or 'likes'... Another thing STUPID IGNORANT idiots ASSUME. I post it because I am proud of how fucking much weight I have lost, and how good my body still is even though I can't really work out now because of my illness. Who wouldn't be proud of that?!

It isn't my fault I don't want to fuck you males, so you decide to troll me. Or you females are jealous because you have no fucking balls to post what I do.

Fuck you haters. Fuck you ignorant, sexist, narrow-minded fools.

Times are changing. Females should not be fucking terrorised because they are proud, or be told that they deserve to have noone, or deserve to be treated like shit because of it.

If that is the case then you males don't deserve shit either.

Equality, fools. Grow up.

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