Saturday 4 June 2016

When you miss someone.

Before you assume I mean exes or shitty males... Then no.
I miss certain friends who were in my life but left. Like everyone does.
I genuinly have never have a proper best friend. I mean if I really I had... They wouldn't of left, right?!

God knows. But I miss those friends. Certain ones. I have actually tried to reach out to certain ones, and I just got blanked, so I guess it's a good thing that I left them. Or they left me. But yeah. I don't need fake people... I really don't.

I'm better off being lonely and alone than having fake and sly snaked in my life...

I have so many random thoughts. It's good that I blog this shit. I never ever want to burden anyone with what I feel... Besides the ones who I have... Tended to... Yeah, leave. I swear I am cursed yk never be happy and have every fucker leave my life...

Where is my happiness?

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