Thursday 9 June 2016


I'm normally a really strong person... But when it comes to love, romance and relationships my head falls off... All I want is my happy ending with someone, but males seem to be absolute retarded cheating unloyal lying cunts and they really fuck me off... I deserve to be happy for once. I deserve to be loved back rather than only me being the one to love...

Recently I waited for someone, it actually looked promising. Then I see his ex who is plastered in all of his photos on Facebook liking and commenting on his recent posts. And from what I knew they weren't talking. So I asked and his excuse that they 'are good mates'

What bullshit.

It's a repeat, he's totally rekindling that romancw... I know it. And alot of people have pretty much said it's obvious. Just like when he hid me, ignored me, all because he wanted others.

It makes me question myself. And ask... Will I ever be fucking good enough? Or will I always face this heartbreak and my head being fucked over?

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