Wednesday 22 June 2016

Weight Loss.

For people who struggle losing weight or blame the fact they can't lose weight because they can't afford the surgery is just utter bullshit. It's just all about not giving into junk food and training yourself not to be so hungry to the point of ober feeding yourself! Unless of course you have a thyroid problem, then you do have an excuse.

You just have to have your heart actually into losing weight. Take it from me. I was chubby when I was with my ex. We split up, and I lost 2 stone. I'm so proud of thAt. I'm also proud of the fact I managed to keep it off. And I can't even work out anymore. As I used to work out every day, plus working 6 days a week, and eat healthily. But now. My illness has fucked me over and all I do now is eat healthy as I can to keep that weight loss off. I'll be damned if ai become chubby again.

I'm still not 100% happy. But what girl is happy unless rich, or famous to get surgery tp sort the problems they have... But yeah I guess I'm happier than when I was chubby. I never ever want to be chubby again. Or be bigger. Some people are happy with that, but I really am not. Curves and slim, just how I am.

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