Thursday 9 June 2016

Vic Mensa.

You know, when I saw Vic Mensa at Wireless a few years back I didn't even know who he was (shamefully). I still didn't even know after I left the place. It took a few months to see him have released some music, then it all clicked together... I listened to every song, except 'down on my luck (sorry Vic, but too dancy for me), got the mixtape, and my love for him grew and grew, and now he is one of my favourites.

Not many people from were I live have a clue who he is,but that's because were I am they're all chavs who listen to shit music and don'r appreciate brilliant music. Honestly, I feel like the only non sheep around here. I like who I like, and Vic is one of those artists.

He's been slow as bringing out music though... The album was supposed to be last year, but now it's this year... And I am just excited.

The new EP 'There's alot going on' has made me even more excited, and this mixtape is blowing up in America! And with me of course... And probably with a lot of people who appreciate good music in England outside of were I live! It's a deep EP. I'd say. And it'll probably be on repeat for me for a while... I just really cannot wait for this album!

You still owe me a free show Vic if you come over here... Since you did say so when I got the Save Money tattoo! I now have three Vic Mensa related tattoos... Save Money, the lyrics 'I don't need ya'll either' from U Mad, then I copied his 'opinions' tattoo... I do want more Vic Mensa related ink, but it's so expensive tattoos... I will eventually get there though, I swear!

If you do read this Vic. Do me a favour? Make my dream come true and collaborate with Kanye and Kid Cudi on the same track?! That would be fire. Alot of people know it. Alot of people want it. It's just I want it a hell of a lot more since you're all my faves!

I'm excited for future projects and music from Vic. He is one talented artist. Watch this space.

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