Wednesday 5 October 2016

Fake People. Fake Friends.

  How annoying is it living an area full of pricks and fake people?! I mean even when you think you have met a decent friends you realise they are just narrow minded and fake like everyone else... it does my fucking head in. So many people have come and gone in the years I have lpst count!
  I think I give up hope that where I am there is anyone geniune other than me. Well there are about 2/3 others and They're good friends. But still it can be annoying trying to be friends with peope and just getting pied. It's not even like i wanna lay you man. I just want friends!
  Like I said I never want a relationship again, so male or female, I Will be your friend only! Haha.

  It is so annoying though still. It just reminds me how alone and lonely I actually am. And how it is more than likely gonna be this way even if its friendships. I guess it is for the best though. Waht with my illness not allowing me to live a notmal life. Having to be careful with what I do etc. It's quite annoying.

  On another note the weather is bloody cold again! Haha. More pain for me sadly as I will always be tenser than usual. Oh and I will finally have my leg filled at the bottom next week i am excited! Blabbing on again.


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  1. Your frustration with the human race must be the third leg of poetry's milking stool along with sex and death. L7 summed it pretty nice in "The Bomb."