Wednesday 14 July 2021

So Materialistic

   As the title says ey! I’m so materialistic. I 100% spend to fill a void. Only problem is… I’ve no money to spend! Legit live in my overdraft! Currently at minus £450… jesus. But, whoever says money don’t make you happy… it bloody does haha. I could easily accept being alone and lonely if I had money, and didn’t have to worry about if I would be able to feed myself- no jokes. 

  If there’s a rich man out there reading this, then please marry me haha. 

  Legit need to stop spending. But I see something and I’m like just get it! So I do and then end up more in my overdraft, and then extending it… again. And again. I wish being materialistic and having money didn’t cheer me up but it does. 

  When it comes to sales, everyone is a cheapskate and won’t sign up because of all the thots out there with their subscription price at $3. But they don’t realise just how much content I have… I’ve done it for four fucking years. And iwantclips gets ignored. I get I don’t update as much… but there is literally so much content and it’s easier to find the ‘dress up’ videos everyone seems to love… in reality I’d rather be in pj’s and no makeup hahaha. Actually just tempting to give it all up, I’ve worked so hard but that working hard has literally got me fucking nowhere. I’m seeing chicks making so much more than me… bet they don’t pay tax though! I don’t even make enough be taxed! 

  Life legit hates me. In debt. Can’t find real mates. Can’t find a guy. Disabled. With so many illnesses and anything else that happens is related. Always! Yes, I do and have ‘try to change things’, and still fucking trying. And yeah, I ‘think positive’ even though it doesn’t work…

  Just send me unlimitless money and it’ll all be okay hahaha. 

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