Friday 23 July 2021

Trying to cope with it all…

 …but not even managing it. Which is so fucking true. Mentally broken. Mostly. Why? Because I try so hard to have a life and friends… and for what? Not having either. 

  Constantly in tears again lately. I mean. Life sucks. People suck more. And I’m just sick of it. 

  I can honestly say I’m closer to the edge more and more, me being scared to die won’t stop me for much longer… trust me. 

  What’s brought this on? The lack of friends. I go to a pub quiz… been going alone. Started bringing my sister so I wasn’t alone… and even she fucking left me. Seeing exeryone all happy happy… then you get me in the corner on my fucking own. 

  Like, why am I even still here? I wouldn’t be missed. Well maybe by the people who follow me. But people nearby? Naa. It would be good thing for them if I was to die! That’s facts. 

  Sick of being on my own. But at the same time my own company is best. 

Sticking to hiding. 

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