Monday 23 May 2016

A constant fight.

I swear, CFS/ME, is such a shit illness.
I really hope they make a cure or help, even if it's when I'm gone... Noone deserves to love through this.
I mean I know my blog always drones on, especially about my loneliness and illnesses, but hey when you have noone else to vent tol, this for me is my venting thing. Alls good.

This post is about my fight, my daily fight, it's a fight to get up, it's a fighht to stay alive, it's even a bloody fight to move these days!!
I'm supposed to fight my naps, but I just had to give in.,. I still feel like absolute shit.

For anyone who has this illness will sort of understand, but wow, even I don't fully understand it. I just think it's so shit that I got this illness, but I always get all the bullshit... How fun.

My days are consumed by my shows. My books. And this summer is gonna be a long one with no friends, and waiting for a guy to come back to me... But yeah. I have fuck all to watch as all the shows are ending and only back in the fall, and there are not many starting in the Summer, hella bullshit this hahaha.

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