Saturday 21 September 2019

Spain. Barcelona!

  Like I said before. Gonna try blog about my travelling etc! Okay so this is my second holiday this year. I enjoyed it, except I was ill most of it! It would of been due to the fact that even before the holiday I had a UTI which went into a kidney infection, so those on top of my illnesses means my immune system which is pretty non existent already, is at it’s lowest! Tight.
  Other than that I did enjoy myself- I should of took it easy at the beginning but silly me pushed myself to get out a little (thinking back this would of been why I was really ill etc!).
  It was a lovely place where we stayed, I chose a hotel that had a pool, and it was right next to the beach. I mean, I don’t like the beach that much... but hearing and watching the waves was quite peaceful. It’s a shame for myself as well as I can’t really get in the pool because it makes me ill with the chlorine and my vag.
  The weather was really warm, and being back in England I swear I brought it back. But too much sun, blah. I’m missing the cold! I go to Paris NYE, I’m hoping it isn’t warm, but not too cold either haha! I’m excited.
  THe place we stayed was Quinta Sol apartments- so I could cook if need be, which I did a couple times! Quite a nice place. When it comes to nightlife, get those kebabs in your room for when you get home... as they don’t open till late like they do here! I myself only tried two of the bars. The main one we went too called Waikiki was amazing, chilled out vibes, though the music was all over, one minute some hip hop and then something Spanish then Vengaboys... just yeah. Another place I tried was called Frog. But this was awful. It was nice at first, chilled, lush decorative vibes, but this was when only me and my friend was in here... next minute people are finally coming in but they were all kids! I mean. I felt like I was in wigan! Never went there again!
  I do recommend the place. Malgrat De Mar was the area. Just a standard chilled out holiday, and as always I missed my cats. Glad to be home though- I can be ill in peace haha! And game.