Saturday 25 February 2023

When will I just only be positive?

   What I said huh. In the title. 

I have to vent. 

I do. 

But I don’t have anyone turn too… I never do, not really. Who can I trust but me? Not just that who can I turn too without being judged, without feeling a burden? Nobody. So that’s why I tend to post online. 

Thought I’d do a blog post. 

Well, anyway. Main points… dating and speaking to a guy who wants to bang everyone else. I mean yeah not serious… but it’s still such a shitter to my already confidence. Like. I just KNOW I won’t find anyone ever me. 

No. Don’t start. ‘Everyone finds someone’ bullshit… that’s not the case. Some people die alone. That will be me. I’m always rejected. And I am NOT going to consider the pests who pester every woman that has a thousand+ followers, I’m no fool you know? 

But yeah liking someone who clearly doesn’t actually like you, it’s blah. 

Oh, and yet again I’ve been hoping and being positive hoping for some good shit  but life continues to give me shit after shit, like what is the point? I honestly can’t keep at this  

My head hurts.