Wednesday 26 October 2022

New post, been ages.

   I rarely remember this exists tbh, maybe because nobody even reads it…

Still here, but still struggling with life. 

Nothing actually ever changes, no matter how much I try, shit happens, worse things happen, I wonder what the point is, yet I’m too scared of not existing to do anything… I even would live forever, but yeah. 

Still single as fuck, 8 years now. No dating life. No love life. No sex life. Haven’t even had sex since like Feb! Ha. Fuck em. 

The lovely CFS is worse, actually worse. 

I have 16 cats, two being feral, and they’ve changed since my last post. Heartbroken when they die or go missing but I cope by replacing, as sad as it sounds. They help my loneliness a touch. Except when the chronic loneliness kicks in. Which is like depression, cannot be helped. 

Still on OF not making millions because they never used to pay me on time, till now, besides never made that much anyway, you’d think I would, but na, thousands of content going for waste ha. Sales are rubbish!

Just existing. Not living. Hiding in a bubble. Hiding in a fantasy world. Books. Shows. Gaming. When I can. But sometimes I can’t do fuck all. 

I’ll try post again.