Saturday 5 March 2022

Donda 2

  Trying something different here. Let me leave you a Donda 2 review. A little one haha. 

  If you know me you know I’m a huge Kanye fan. But I’ll be honest I’m minus nearly 1,100 in my bank account so that stem player? I couldn’t possibly get the stem player right now. As much as I love him, it’s ridiculous that he’d treat us this way, his fans… he’s the bloody billionaire. Not us! I struggle to make most ends meet, can’t move out etc etc… hey Kanye if you wanna help me out please do! 😂👌. 

  Okay going off track then, but let me give you a review, on Donda 2. You can tell Kanye is in what I call ‘crazy mode’. Which he is. Especially with BPD, no hate because I have shit mental health myself. But you can see his heart has been broken by Kim K. 

  The album itself feels rushed compared to Donda, alot of two minutes songs. Which as the genius he is is unexpected. And the fact it was actually released compared to the three listening parties with Donda, and then the bringing out of the album and actually editing it when it was out! With Donda 2 the tracks are in fact catchy and good, but like I said alot of heartbreak behind it. It’s like when he brought the album out when his mum had passed, 808s. 

I’d recommended finding a way to listen, I found a link via Twitter, and downloaded them this way, I mean if I could afford the stem player I would of got it but yeah, being so much in my minus unable to extend my overdraft… not exactly possible at the moment is it! 

  As a Kanye fan, kind of hurt how he handled Donda 2, yeah the music platforms take a cut of your damn music Ye, BUT YOU ARE A DAMN BILLIONAIRE! Life for us normal folk is expensive asf. Sometimes can’t even buy food for myself. So I’m glad someone uploaded it online. 

  I hope Kanye brings out the albums he has promised us in the past especially Kids See Ghosts 2… make up with Cudi, make it happen, it needs to happen! But there js so much he’s promised and never delivered… focus on those. Not Kim. Fuck Kim. If it’s meant to be she’ll come back, if not then… he should find someone else. 

  Yeah, went super off track, weird how my mind works and I’ll just type those thoughts of mine out! 

  But… Donda 2 even in it’s rushed and short status and heartbreak is still actually brilliant and of course Kanye is still that genius he is.