Tuesday 14 January 2020

Are Vampires Real??

  The age old question everyone asks. Are vampires real? Such a good question, so unanswered.Cannot just be me who wishes they were. And if they are,please come turn me. ha. I mean, I hate humans and to be pain free? Hell I would take that, amongst the rest.
  Does anyone know if they are? I wanna know, I think now is the time to come forward! haha, My main type of book is always a 'Supernatural' type books- but also partial to dystopian and romance too. 
  I wonder, if werewolves, withces, etc etc etc are real too. I mean we all live to hope. But we never fully know...

Friday 10 January 2020

Bucket List!

  Every day. Every second. I’m getting worse. Currently lay here in bed wanting to be but just not having any energy, my arms ache from holding my phone, my neck aches from holding my head, my legs ache from holding my body.
  It’s pretty unfair just how sick I am. But there are a few things I’d love to do. So here’s my Bucket List. I know some of the stuff will be impossible. But hey ho. A girl can dream. I mean, I actually do. When you’re like me you dream to the point where you confuse reality and dreams... mental huh?
  Well here goes;

-Visit America. Nowhere specific. Everywhere. Everyone knows how obsessed and in love with the place I am even though I haven’t been. Well, I have in dreams haha.
-Empty my wishlist. I’ll get there one day. Just full of mainly books and games to lose myself in.
-Travel abit more. If possible. I don’t know where else I wanna go, Iceland, maybe Greece, like I said above definitely America...
-Move the hell out with my cats. (Currently impossible. Can’t work, and needing help to live sometimes... blah).
-Find love. (Impossible but not).
-Read all my books and complete my games- story anyway. I mean I love to get lost in fake worlds as I keep saying. Gotta live my romance, friendships, happiness somewhere if I can’t have it in real life.
-Keep fighting. This is a mission. As I really want to give in and give up. I have nothing keeping me here but being scared to die. Part of me is thankful I’m still here and wants to live forever, but at the same time I just want to be done. I mean, my life isn’t worth living. I’m always in bed. I’m always sick. I’m always in pain. I see no points.
-Meet my favourites; Kanye, Kid Cudi, Chance and Vic Mensa. (Again more than likely impossible).
-Adopt more cats. (i wish!!)

That’s all I can think of. There isn’t much. But alot of it is more than likely never gonna happen. I mean how can I empty my wishlist with no money? Haha. How can I meet my favourites? Oh well, main thing for me is finding love and seeing America. We shall see.

Thursday 9 January 2020

Paris, France.

  Paris, France; my latest destination, and the worst Holiday ever. It has made me realise I prefer my own company- others are just annoying and considerate, especially when it comes to myself being sick. And not looking sick.
  The person I went away with kept waking me, made it awkward at the get-go to the point I avoided him, and in the last two days I had to get a second room just so I could get some sleep, as he kept waking me! (Hint here to help me with sales get out of Overdraft!) He knows who he is, and I appreciate him saying sorry towards the end, but too late an unejoyable holiday for me..!
  I realised I like to go on holiday... but I aint too 'touristy', the only place I visited was The Eiffel Tower and a cruise after it, alone. Very relaxing, but I did get bored on the tour of the Tower. I didn't really want to visit anywhere else.All the tourist places anyway, just liked to be out of England.

  I still want to travel, and my biggest aim is America, it's just hard, money wise and not just money wise but illness wise. I know it's best to travel alone, since well I know my illnesses the most and won't wake myself up. But what if I collapsed? And what about my travel sickness on top? It's all scary.

  Anyhow Paris- it's a beautiful city, all white washed buildings, my hotel was on the outerskirts called Malakoff, Adagio Aparthotel... and yep it was a hotel with a kitchenette- for fellow travellers this saves money completely, take some pasta in your suitcase and if you're at a loss for money, you're sorted! I always aim for hotels with a kitchenette these days- also one near other places to eat out if wanting too. Thankfully the hotel we were at was at a decent place- my favourite place was a bakery across the road- I went in mostly every day- and my IBS only played up on the last day so I could enjoy myself!
  The food there I would get with- I have a sweet tooth- something they clearly have too... sugar in the morning, sugar all day! Proper baked goods! I enjoyed the eclairs- they filled them with Chocolate, then there were these cakes like the eclairs but as a cake... yum!
  All in all, the best part was clearly the food. I did enjoy myself, but need to be careful with who I holiday with. Me and my illnesses need sleep!

  Where to next? Who knows? In fact who knows if I even could travel anymore? Let's hope so, I need to see America...

Saturday 4 January 2020


  Okay. I may have done a blog post before on Skins. But yanno what ama do it again haha. If you know me you know Skins is my favourite British Tv show EVER, and the one show that I also always go back too... amazing.

  Generation One.
Firstly, let’s start with the First Gen. Every two seasons they always changed the set of characters. Obviously the beginning everyone always claims is ‘thee best’. A true fan loves all Generations, I clearly love them all hahaha.
  First season is always so joyful, so carefree, but also shows us just how Britain was, especially back then! Ha. Drugs, alcohol, sex, head fucks, true and real and honest!
  If you have never ever in your life seen Skins, I recommend you go and get them and go bloody watch them! Season one starts off with Tony working out, and being in his boxers and then some naked cougar across the road being a pervert ha. And then we get Effy returning home and he needs to cause a distraction so she can get in the house un-noticed. And then it starts. We see how crazy it will be in those first few minutes of being introduced to the show. We have our new series and our first set of characters... Tony, Michelle, Sid, Maxxie, Chris, Cassie, Jal and Anwar. But then we also have our set of lovely sub-characters, present but not too present- Effy, Panda, Sid’s dad, in fact all the parents present. Ange, the teacher who fucks Chris. And oh yeah Abigail. The posh one who Tony is using and cheating with on Michelle.
  We have the first series full of all sorts- Michelle hating Tony, but loving him, typical male cheating scenario. Cassie loving Sid. Sid loving Michelle. Or so he thinks. Maxxie being the wonderful gay. Anwar the typical funny foreign guy who is a virgin (till later), obsessed with sex too, Chris the ‘fuck it’ kinda guy; Jal the innocent. Honestly. You need to watch.
  In the second season it gets dark, Tony was run over at the end of Season One, and he’s forgotten who he is, some memories, how to use his hands etc, the start of a dark series. Michelle and Sid sleep together and they realise they don’t love each other, well Sid does. Not more than mates anyway. Sid realises he loves Cassie. Jal and Chris get together, she’s pregnant, Chris actually dies, Anwar and Maxxie still the best of friends. And then it just ends on Sid looking for Cassie in America. So many unanswered questions, but I’ll get to this at the end...

  Generation Two. 
 The second Gen were a little related to Gen one. We have Effy, Tony’s sister. Panda who was seen with the first Gen too, Effy’s best friend. Thomas the Nigerian who moved from Nigeria alone to try raise money for his family. Cook. He’s the ‘Chris’ of this generation, but also abit of Tony being player, but he also falls in love with Effy- in fact all but Thomas do. JJ is the nerd. Freddie the ‘too nice but not’ guy. Naomi, the lesbian. Katie and Emily the twins who are in competition. Sort of. And it turns out Emily loves Naomi.
  As always the first season is always ‘carefree’. Nothing too bad happens. Just the love dilemma, Effy being with Cook, then Freddie, JJ claiming he loves Effy, Katie being with Freddie, Effy always preferring Freddie and making the lads be competitive.
  Then yet again it goes to ‘dark mode season’. Effy is a psycho with Bipolar, hearing things, seeing things. Freddie tries his best to help. But she only gets better when she goes to counselling, but that turns out a disaster as this guy kills Freddie. But Cook kills this guy. And then cliffhangers, again as it just ends on Cook beating him up...

  Generation Three. 
 Third Generation. The most under-rated mis-looked Generation of the Skins family. As always first season sort of carefree, then the second season being dark.
  This time there is no connection to the previous ones. Mini, Frankie, Liv, Mattie, Nick. Grace, Alo and Rich. Frankie is the ‘no gender but female’, meaning she doesn’t think of herself as having a gender, or liking anyone by gender ‘free love and all that’. Liv, Mini and Grace are the trio of best friends, till Frankie comes along. Mini acts as she’s okay with it but then tries to fuck over Mini. Nick is with Mini, but also sleeps with Liv meaning Liv and Mini fall out. Mattie is Nicks brother. Loves both Liv and Frankie, but Frankie more. Grace does everything Mini wants, but then she likes Rich and wants to be with him- Alo is Rich’s best mate. Virgin. Till season 2 and sleeps with Mini. Rich and Grace get married.
  Season two is when Grace dies, Frankie is into a guy called Luke and he’s a psycho. He takes her from a party and Mattie and Grace are following behind but then they crash. Which leaves Grace in a come. And she dies later. There’s the whole thing with Alo and Mini. She gets pregnant. Rich is kinda in his own world after Grace dying. Nick and Mattie both love Frankie. Liv finds a new best mate who is gay but just what she needs.
  Yet again another cliffhanger ending BUT it actually isn’t so bad as the others. I mean we all knowit could of carried on and a lot of unfinished answers...

  Season Seven. 
Okay. Now the most frustrating of the lot. What I thought would be the endings tied off but nope they didn’t! We got three stories- Effy, Cook and Cassie. And were not at all related to previous seasons.
 Let’s start.. Effy came first. She’s in London living with Naomi. Working at a stock place. Stressing about work. No mention of the past at all. Naomi gets Cancer and even this season has a cliffhanger. Ending with Naomi and Emily with each other in bed and Effy going away in a taxi...
  Cassie came next. Back in London. What happened with Sid? WE DO NOT KNOW!! She’s working in a cafe run by foreigners. And then her part is all about her having her photo taken and not knowing blah blah. Nothing to tie off ends!
  And then we have Cook. His story is the only one who kind of mentions past ‘I killed a man’ he says to the chick he likes. As always Cook is Cook. Cook is dealing drugs etc. Transferring people. But then sleeps with his bosses wife. And then they’re hunting him etc. And it ends with ‘Cook winning’ but yeah. As always. It just ends!

  Annoying Cliffhangers.

And now let’s get into those useless endings. Generation One. We had Maxxie and Anwar boarding a bus together to London (did they get there...???). Jal is still pregnant, did she have the baby? Tony and Michelle are together. Again. Does it last? Cassie is in America and we see Sid go over there to find her, that’s actually how it ended him walking around America to look for her.
  Second Generation we have Freddie being dead but noone knows. Till Cook goes to the house and the man who killed him and it ends on him going to kill him, which he does we all know it. That’s the biggest cliffhanger from that Generation!
  Third Gen? Mini gave birth. Frankie going to meet her mum. And then yeah. As always. Just ends. Annoying yeah!

So let’s get down to it. Who else agrees that Skins should come back properly to tie off the loose ends? I mean it could of continued so much! I want to know what happened to each Generation! So yeah. People who made Skins... BRING IT BACK!!