Wednesday 7 December 2016

Thoughts, Feelings, Life.

  I know some people must hate me blogging. But what people should know, it's to help me in a way. How lonely and alone I am isn't a good thing, so yeah I don't have anyone to talk to about this shit, mainly because I don't want to burden them. 
  Lately I have been back in my dark place. Really badly. I just feel there isn't a point in living in right now. And let us be serious, it is true! How? Because I can't live, my illnesses make it too hard. I also have the worst luck ever. Whenever I try and be happy? Something fucks up and I'm back where happiness does not exist! 
  If you all follow me on Social Media , ya'll know I've been dating someone. I've even stayed loyal when he hasn't (well I dunno). And it's like why the fuck should I stay loyal? Because he doesn't even want to be with me! He won't even open up to me. And every time I open up he shuts me down, sp why, why the fuck do I bother? I deserve someone who wants me for once. Someone who won't goddamn cheat on me for once. I mean yeah I know I can be a little crazy... but that's when I pssionate about liking someone! Blah. Thoughts!
  Another thought is my sex drive. Surely it isn't normal to pratically always turned on?! It needs to go. I'm single. It is not fucking needed!
  This dark place I'm in. I'm hoping to get back out with it. Because not wanting to wake up and wanting to end my life is bad, and it just isn't good at all. 
  My thoughts are rambling all into one, I'm currently suffering from withdrawal to ecocodomol so I cannot even think straight right now. 

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