Sunday 8 January 2017

I miss being young.

  Again. Referring to the title... I bet everyone misses being young don't they?! But I dunmo for me I see myself reminiscing so much! Where I grew up it was literally a street., one very long street, full of houses. The nearest shop was like an half hour walk away, one way down a dirt track, the other way past haunted buildings.
  Sounds weird now but literally everyone hung around with each other. Basically from the age of 5 to the age of maybe 18, I think?! But yeah. We were such a 'tight' set of friends it attracted other kids who lived near the shop (past the spooky houses way). Like they would travel down and hang about too. What we'd do? Play games. Nowadays kids don't get to be kids. Social media has murdered being a kid. A carefree kid. Obsessed with relationships from such a young age!
  On this street we played 'manhunt' I actually miss playing that so much, I was so good at hiding! We'd play all sorts! The park was pretty shit and standard. It's changed now. Changed it with a bunch of new shit, but as kids aren't kids? It probably does not even get used! When I was there there was literally a seesaw and some swings and a lot of grass for playing football or whatever and alot of trees to hide in!
  One time I remember me and one of the girls were climibing trees in a field that was owned by farmers and then this farmer came out shouting we literally ran further down the field and we were waiting for ages to go back home terrified. I still remember it like yesterday!
  Does 'playscheme' still exist? I don't think so. But back then it did exist. What was it? A woman would get money together and take all the kids somewhere, Southport or Camelot mainly or they would set stalls up at the park like plate painting and stuff, it was quite fun. I'm sure even both Southport and Camelot have both changed. I'm sure that funhouse in Southport has gone? Who remembers the wheel that spun around and whoever stayed on the longest won?! The caterpiller that just went in a circle and the cover went over had to be my fave ride. Even though it was boring! I couldn't hack the haunted house! Haha.
  Back then you didn't really obsess over the opposite sex, but still fancied people. I dunno. I'm not like most girls hah. One guy on this street used to play all the girls against each other. Be with someone one minute, and someone thennext. Thinking back about it I just don't get how he did it... no longer my type but noone is these days! Haha. There was a time when he said he was with me and I went Turkey and came back with somthing and soent ny last money on it for him get with someone else on the street! Haha.
  In High School it was completely didfferent to being out on that street after school. At school I was bullied, I was unpopular, had no mates (still don't). But when I started school it was blatant I was depressed etc. Cba getting into that. I used to just go from group to group. I hate thT school. I am legit in an area full of arseholes! I was a nobody in school, and people frim that school still try to belittle me. But I am stronger nowadays. Nothing like I used too!
  I don't know what I'm trying yo say other than I miss being a kid. Not for High School, but to have those real friendships from that street back. To be aboe to just have someone to hang around with. Not having social media, phones, etc ruin lives. I miss it.

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  1. That was a very touching write up. Its alway weird that feeling of wanting to go back to simpler, happier times. I truly hope things go better and thank you for the thoughtful post.