Tuesday 31 January 2017

People in the Wigan & Leigh Area need to grow up.

  For all you who know me, know that I am a victim of online abuse, threatening, and bullying. And to be quite frank this post is because recently it's stressing me out and upsetting me and also, my side of things, you know. The RIGHT side of things. I won't mention no names, but it may be obvious about who is who and to be quite honest, I don't care, I'm done with it the pettyness.
  The time before this time (past week), I got abuse for commenting on a status, getting shit, and rather than take the abuse I block. I saw a status on my feed, I commented something generalised, completely related to this status. What happens next is the 'fiance' decides to pipe up trying to give me blatant abuse... clearly nothing but jealousy and feeling threatened because why else would she kick off to something like that?! Exactly. So her mate decides to start commenting abuse on my shit... when she isn't even on my goddamn friends. Utter wankers. I block her too. Which leads her to write a status saying 'i am now on the Abby Lewis blocklist'... the comments to this were fucking awful, one persoon saying I should be dead, just all sorts of bullying, which is getting sent to me, I kept everything as evidence. I still have the evidence too. But it was all unneeded, all unfair, just for blocking rather than let little minds abuse me. They also posted a naked video of me too... where is the right in all this?! there is not. It is petty and childish!
  Okay, so this recent time, it was all because someone came in to where I work, she left a bag unattended(keeps saying she never but she really did, cctv has it, dj witnessed it, so did staff). She then has the audacity to blame the workplace that it was our fault, and we never helped, when CCTV was checked and staff members looked, so yeah. I wrote a generalised status, no names etc as meny people lose bags and blame staff. But this certain someone decides to inbox me giving me abuse, threating me. I replied a little then i just couldn't be bothered no more and blocked her. I was going to leave it. But then she got her friend to start stalking my pists writing shit, and then she decides to (the friend) to rate my workplace irrelvant bullshit all about me. I mean sure me I can handle. But bring in others? My workplace? You deserve to be named and shamed. So I posted it all online, my status, their comments, the threats, the review. With a very long detailed post at what REALLY was going on... so after this, this little girl decides to get everyone report me, get her silly little friends to give me abuse too... all indirect now. After I got my Facebook block I made a new Facebook, as I needed to get in touch with people I hadn't the number of a few people you know? So yeah. Which brings me to the next fucking abuse.
  I saw a status written from a guy who ALWAYS comments shit about me, he wrote a status like 'I see Slaggy Lewis is making trouble again' irrelevant, idiocy. So I looked at the comments, one of the first ones was a woman who was about 40, saying nasty things, cmon, nearly ober half my fucking age? And she is getting involved? Legit seems this area will not grow up! I commented on this status saying he should say it to my face, have the decency to actually inbox me, not publicly bully me. And he kept saying no, spitting vulgar aggresive abuse, and it's like. At least I tried to be a grown up about things, says it all when noone can inbox me, yet they can say things public... so yeah he got reblocked.
  Adding people on this new facebook one came up on someones feed that they were friends with me, so someone started commenting being a bully as always, never to my face either, so I seen it and commented to say stop, apparantly he inboxed the friend saying that he shouldn't add me I'm weird. So I commented on the post saying say it to my face, don't say it behind my back. Then another idiot who always pops ups on posts about me, also tried to start bullying me. So did another few people. The first guy tried to mention my videos. Now. Let me say this jn case any of you idiots are reading... he also bought some clips and cried he couldn't view them. Another of these friend posts also popped up on someone else, I inboxed this girl asking who she was, as she was blocked and shit, she was like 'ive not said anything blah blah' but i know that wasn't true. But she was acting innocent YET on this post, being a bully. Again!

  While I am here I will point out that some of this area has bought me gifts, sent money, and bought clips. Didn't think that did ya? I know who too. Well mostly. So that is why I am open about what I do. People who you didn't expect to buy, actually have!
  So. I always get told I should not bite etc, but the thing is the bullies need to named and shamed. But because I am that much of an awful place full of way too many cunts, they all get involved. They all bully. There are he odd few who stick up for me, show me, and thankyou guys for that. At least some of them can be decent. But. No. Most are not. I mean, cmon. What have I ever done wrong? Nothing. They can't face the fact I'm taking money off mommy and daddy, or that I'm on the dole, that I don't open my legs for anyone, I'm not a drug queen... you know... like most of these bullies actually are. And no. No digs here. I speak nothing but the truth.
  People always tell me.. 'go to the police' and I really want too... but none of my 'friends' will actually have the decency to take time out to come with and support me. Which brings me back to the old posts that I really do not have any goddamn fucker in my life. Fuck you all.
  I am writing this post because I am fed up of you bullies. I don't deserve it. What because I am not ashamed? I make money my way? I have a decent body and not afraid to show it off?! No need. It legit is just jealousy. And actually quite a lot of you have come in to were I work and actually said this to me. But as always online it's a different story to act like bullies becaus eyou have your insecurities. We all know that is the real fucking reason.
  So leave me, you are all the childish ones. In fact, I messaged this girl about the bag too apologising when really it was her who should have, and she ignored me. How wrong is that?! Ugh! At least yet again I tried to be the grown up, actually took time out to try and sort things.

  I hope some of you read this, realise just how nasty you all are. Anyone who says it isn't bullying, is more than likely one of the bullies. Like I said. Leave me alone. I do what i do, don't interfere with your lives. So don't with mine.

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