Monday 10 April 2017

A little bit positive

  Since my blog probably depresses a lot of people, I thought I would do an ish positive post. As positive as can be for someone who's constantly hurthing and crying. This one will probably not be soooo long as my usual because of the nature of the post for once.
  Okay, well. Basically what have I got to be positive about? The big one is my cats. I currently have six, they're my babies, I could never see myself with kids, never broody, never want them... but cats, wow they're so adorable. I wish they never died though. I miss my Tigger, Patch and Bill. And Felix but I never bonded with him tbh. Cats are adorable. They remind me of me, sleep, eat, repeat... just like me! Except they have better sex lives than me, I don't have a sex life! Seeing nobody, so yep no sex for this one! Haha!
  Another thing? Money in a way. I no longer have to stress about that £60/70 a week from working weekends, since most of the money goes right away, mum, cats, food... etc. But with my clips selling and the Financial Domination stuff? Not so bad, no longer need to worry so much, thank fuck. I mean people always ask me, will I stop? Am i not ashamed? No and no. Not yet anyway. I enjoy not struggling with money, and I enjoy doing what I do. Taking money of guys and then just selling some clips couple of mintues long. The only bad thing, clips sales sometimes go right down, that sucks, buy my clips! Ha. And the Findom stuff? There are not enought actual people who actual pay anymore. Too many fools trying to start it because It's talked about alot, and they never even last long! Ha.
  I don't know. There isn't much else. My friends don't bother unless it suits them, or I pay, I also have to pester everyone of them to get a reply. Guys? Again. Lost cause there. Guys play games. I gave up with you cunts, burn ha. Family? Hm...
  I guess I have my mum and sisters, that's about it for who cares. Well even if they do. Part of me doesn't care. Blah. Okay. Sorry. Positive.

  I'm trying. I want to be okay. I want to be okay. I do, but I try and fail, I need saving, but friends don't wanna know me and guys play games...

  See you soon.

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