Saturday 7 October 2017

Update, update, update.

  So yeah. I haven’t posted in a while. Thought it was only fair if I updated ya’ll again, you know since having no Facebook and I still get people asking about me and being without the bloody site. I have tried to join, and failed. If I’m honest though, mentally it is better for me. No more spying on potential guys finding out how sleazy they are... besides I find that out anyway. I don’t need Facebook. I don’t trust anyone! Ha. Fuck them. Single for life this one and i am really accepting it. All hope is going. I see no point. Honestly. Fuck guys. Just mates, and my cats and my mum. That’s enough. Yeah!
  I’m still headfucked. That seems to be inevitable!! Haha. I changed my pills, that has got to be the best thing ever. My last one helped the pain... BUT they made me put on weight. My depression was bad. These new ones? I already lost some weight, and my depression is hell of a lot better! So thank fuck for that. Alot of people hate being on pills because it makes them numb... but I love them. I love being numb. It’s amazing. Like seriously.
  What else? Hm. Illness is still steadily getting worse. This morning when I got in bed after work was pretty rough, the pain was really fucking bad, I can’t fully describe it! It’s numbed it a little. But not totally. I need sleep right now. Had maybe two hours but my mind won’t turn off. So some shows and sleep when i’m ready too again? I think so! I’m in way more pain. I’m more tired. More symptoms... like a constant headache I keep having atm. Blah. Why no relief for me?!
  It was a tough few weeks changing pills. I had withdrawal from the old ones. The new ones make you unable to eat for a bit... literally didn’t go with my illness. Crashed so bad. Literally would wake for an hour. Sleep for two. Then have a full night on top of that! Hahaha. But I feel better. I feel good. And even my sex drive is back. (Not like I need that since it’s fucking high asf, I should be a man I swear!).
  The Findom and Clips side as always is a little shitty without Facebook. I would love Facebook back just for that fucking reason. We all need money. And I can’t work more. It sucks. It needs to pick the hell back up! 100%! Sort it out guysssss haha. You’ll love my clips. And I deserve to be spoiled really ;)! I’m strugglig moneywise a little coz I want my leg finished by my birthday. Once that’s done. Yey. Can just keep money aside for fuck knows what yet... think I want a nose job tbh with you!
  What else is there to update on? I don’t even think anymore. I can’t hahaha. Numb remember?

Thanks for reading.

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