Sunday 13 June 2021

The mind doesn’t shhhh!

   So. It’s 5.17am and I am struggling to sleep since you know- it’s night time haha! Well. Anyway. I’m kinda pissed off at Social Media... Instagram to be exact. They’ve removed me. Again! But the appeal forms are currently broken. What a joke. Hopefully I’ll get it back. Soon! 

  I’ve had that lovely vaccine... and I don’t know if I had side effects... as the ‘very common’ ones are my usual thanks to the damn illnesses I put up with. I know the arm is a tad sore, heavy, and it’s increased my headaches, and it’s also made me dizzy, like vertigo! Do what I do best. Pop pills. Cocodomol or paracetomol haha. Whatever. 

  Okay let’s get emosh. Basically whenever I ask the Universe for help... I get none. Every time I ask for a sign to live or die... I always get the sign to give the fuck up, and I won’t lie with my life not getting better, I’m tempted to just give up. I’ll be honest. I’ve still given up. But. I would love to have proper real mates. And I would love to find a guy. I would love to have love. But yeah, isn’t for me is it? And before people say go out and get it. I have tried. Trust me. I have fucking tried. It’s getting to the point now where I jumped off the cliff and holding on over the edge...

  I don’t know what to do anymore. 

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