Monday 28 June 2021

What is happiness?

   Do you know how to be happy? Send me tips as I have no fucking clue! All I want is happiness but all I get it sadness… I get left behind and forgotten, I’m such a burden and going nowhere in life. Everytime I try and change shite… it just gets worse. I mean surely it should end and just give me something good in life? 28 years and I am just… going nowhere.

  Yes. I do have friends. But they’re not proper ones as I always say. Only wanna see me for nights out. Or when it suits them. Oh and lets not forget that if I aint the one to message first then nobody bothers with me. So yeah. In my eyes. Not real mates. 

  I’m gonna be single forever when I wish I could find someone. But hope is lost. Too much hoping. 

  Loneliness is what hurts me. 

  I just want to be happy. 

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