Sunday 15 May 2016


So my emotions came back to my annoyance... CBA. I just never want emotions. I hate depression. I hate CFS. Why me?!

I spent all night crying at the fact I will forever be alone... And I don't want to be. It sucks. Like it really fucking sucks.

Can you scientests create a machine now so I can make my perfect man? I don't even care if he is a robot like. Just fed up of the fuck boys, inconsiderate losers that only want one thing only. And it seems to be everyone. I vent so much on this blog, I should be in a crazy house at this rate because it's pratically me talking to myself... But then again I do that every day anyway. Legit conversations with myself. Why? Because I have noone to talk to of course.

The only thing that keeps me going is my fur babies. But I know something will push me over the edge, too far to be scared to die anymore.

Weird how I wish that right? I hate life.

My past lives I must have been some serial killer or something to deserve such bullshit!

I don't know anymore. I want to be happy. But happiness never happens. And I don't think
It ever will.

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