Sunday 8 May 2016

CFS/ME needs more awareness for real.

The title says it all really!
CFS/ME is such a shitty silent illness and not enough people know about it. And in fact those who do know about it. Don't really care or show consideration, they just say 'oh you're lazy though'. And it's like really?! Know what else annoys me? How people google it and 'hey I think I have that I'm always tired'.
Like seriously, tiredness is a big part of the illness, but it is so much more complex than that! It's no fun always being in pain, tired and the more I do I get more symptoms and more intense.
I suggest if you want to know more you google it... But it isn't really understood tbh. Not even doctors fully grasp the illness. But yeah. It does need more awareness

Like today is a bad day because of working Friday and Saturday night... I woke at half two and only moved about 3. I've eaten and now catching up with my shows, but god my body feels extremely heavy today, and more intense pain wise. I just actually cannot wait to get back to sleep. How bad is that?!

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  1. This is true! You're doing the right thing with this blog though...I don't know about others but you may have helped one person :)