Sunday 15 May 2016

Empty mind.

Normally on Sunday I tend to be the worst illness wise, both depression and CFS/ME... Today, I am extremely exhausted like always. And I haven't done much. But I'm not emotional thankfully. I hate it when I'm emotional, to the point of stressing myself out. Feeling sick. It's just hella bullshit.

I realised another thing. Losing my voice. It's part of my illness. Just another crappy thing I have to put with. I've lost it atm and I thought nothing on it. Then I realised it's because I've been run down. And then more thinking to last year when I worked full time... So obviously that made my illness worse... And I kept losing my voice too. I did have a look online at some people who have CFS/ME. And they've said theyve lost their voice too from it. How absolute shit.

Its definately good not to feel emotion. I wish I could be like this forever. Maybe then I wouldn't be so hot headed, and I wouldn't love... Something I could really do without. Since well noone ever actually loves me back!

Obvious I'd like to keep my love for my cats,..
They do in fact love me back the little beauties.

I'm dragging on and on because my mind is in fact empty! Hahaha.

Sat here continuing my re-watch of Misfits... Which is nearly over so I'll be onto Being Human. Then I have a feeling I'll do a Fast and Furious marathon... I've just bought the omes I don't have yet.

I'm excited for my tattoo Thursday, there is a hidden meaning, that only few know. I don't think I'm ready to tell people the meaning yet... But I still can't wait. I'll upload photos of course when everything is done...

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