Saturday 7 May 2016

UK TV Shows.

You know right I watch a lot of TV shows, but they are all mainly American. Having CFS/ME and currently being only able to work Part-Time I have a lot of free time in the week... This title is about UK TV shows... And I hardly watch many from England. I find they have all gone downhill from when they could actually make a decent show. 

What is a decent UK show? There are only a few I like. And I have on DVD so can re-watch over and over again. 

Waterloo Road (mainly the earlier series) 
Being Human. 

I literally have every season there is to have of these, except Waterloo Road, I currently only have 1-7. The best ones. I like all series mind, but yeah 1-7 have always been the better ones. Emotional. 

Skins is such a brilliant UK show, but I disliked the fact they tended to leave cliffhangers and leave the audience thinking 'what happened' 'what if'. There were 7 series. 3 generations. And the only generation without cliffhangers were the third. I mean Mini had her baby then it ended. But we didn't need to know much else, she got back with Alo and everyone was happy. Much different to the depressing endings to the first and second generations! 
Season 7 was shit. The 'final' season was pointless. 
I believe they should have had every character from every generation, tie off those lose ends and have a big happy-or sad ending. 
Someone needs to make that happen if I am honest. If I had money I totally would make it happen! 

Misfits is another brilliant show that I can re watch. I just got all the seasons on DVD as I'm kinda old school like that! I'm actually currently re watching these because the America shows are ending! As I have no friends I don't have much to do. But yeah back to subject... Misfits is amazing too, I mean it broke my heart when characters died. 

Being Human was another brilliant one too. Obviously every I mention are brilliant too me. Hence me being able to re watch them. After I have watched Misfits I will be re watching this one again. Another series I was sad to go! And would them to make it again! 

Waterloo Road like I said was better at the beginning... And when they said it was ending I thought they should have done a special. I'm not the only person who wishes to see what happened to Chlo, Donte, Mica and Brett! And I know people agree because I said this on a comment on Facebook and recieved hundreds of likes! 

Yeah, some people would think this is a pointless post. But a blog is to express thoughts and I was fed up of writing things do depressing. So thought I'd write about more things I love too etc. :). 

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