Thursday 26 May 2016


If you haven't yet watched this Finale... Don't read. Unless you aren't bothered about spoilers of course.

Well, well, well, what an amazing ending.. And it shocked me. I mean I thought maybe Amara and Dean would get together (something I am actually hoping for in the future). But nooo they bring back Sam and Dean's mum back! Without of course Sam knowing as that bitch just shot him, well it seemed that way.
I'm glad the world didn't end, but of course we know that wouldn't happen anyway... Since they had already renewed the show! At least Amara and God are happy and healthy now, even if they're disappearing for abit.

Supernatural is ny far one of my favorite TV shows, In fact it has to be my favorite of all! And well, it has to be a favorite of many... I mean 11 seasons. Renewed for a 12th and probably renew for more...

I'm a lover of Sam, Dean and Cas, Cas has got to be the most amusing angel ever, what with his love of trashy shows, and his confusing reactions towards porn. He makes me giggle. But then the Sam and Dean love, I just do not think I could ever choose between them! Bad I know.

I'm excited for the next season.,. I really hope Amara comes back, she should be with Dean. But I'm excited to see how they pull off this whole mother situation... I mean she's the same age as when she died... So pratically the same age as Sam and Dean! And hoping that Sam is saved.

Bring on Season 12!!

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