Tuesday 31 May 2016

Forever changing.

Everybody in life changes. Always changing.

I myself have changed so much, I went from a carefree child to a depressed bullied lonely teen, to a bit of an idiot, to loving but not being loved, to finding my way again, loving again, and now, right now I would say I'm lonely, alone, bored, ill, and I am also stronger, with walls up pretty high, but I also don't give a fuck.

Other aspects changed as well, like for music, I went from liking 90s bands, to ttrance/dance, to rock, to faithless, then I stumbled upon Hip Hop. And that is the music that stuck with me, since probably year 10, and my love for it has grown, it is the music that has drawn me to it the most, and I can'r believe I ever liked anything else, but I like what I like. And there are a few others that I like too that isn't HipHop, like Calvin Goldspink (formerly of S Club 8), One Direction, and then 5ive and Blue, but I still know old Faithless and FALL Out Boy... Everything else these days is just noise to me. And I live in a place were everyone just listens to chavvy music!

Tastebuds... Things I used to hate like veg, fish, I now love and things I used to love, I now hate and it makes me ill, bet a lot of people can relate!

Everyone changes, everyone evolves.

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