Thursday 19 May 2016


So, Empire has just ended season two, and my god I will not be happy if they killed off Rhonda! It will be so unfair, on Andre mainly. I mean he always has that unhappy ending, no singing, a dad that hates him because he isn't gifted and bipolar, having a mental illness, and then losing his baby... He doesn't deserve to lose his wife too! Besides Anika is the one who should die. She's viscous!

Having to wait till fall for season 3 is going to drag, I'd love series to never have a break ever!

This is one of my fave shows anyway, one of the first and only series that is focused on a music series, and that music is HipHop... Were I live not many people appreciate HipHop. So as you can tell not alot of people have watched Empire. Which sucks. I'd love a friend who had the bloody same interests as me.

People always have their favourites and that but I don't tend to have one... But at the same time I'm hunting for Luscios... Terrence Howard plays him so well, and I love his voice. Is it just me who want's him to sing more?!

I hope Empire lasts a long time, maybe even as long as Supernatural, I'd love both of them to never end. even when they get old. Proper saddo me!

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