Sunday 8 May 2016

Back on the shitty dating apps.

So... I guess I'm single. Finally rid of a cunt who would not do the simple things to help me and make my trust issues go away. It waa gonna happen anyway. I deserve better! I'm not counting that disaster as a relationship... Not like he did anyway. Keeping me a secret and all that! Fucking wanker.

keeping me a secret, not changing that relationship status, keeping the last person you slept with but making me block her, even going out of your goddamn way to add her back, blocking me on insta on twitter, adding bare girls nearby lying saying he knew them, putting me last, lying claiming all the girls he supposedly knew are good mates, hiding your screen while I'm sat next to him, and messaging other girls while I'm sat there and he should be focused on me, ignoring me but staying active, and only wanting to see me once a week.

Thats the kinda shit he did to make me worse... Even was ashamed me, now who the fuck would be ashamed of me really?!

I hope you fucking read this. I was a fool to fall for him. I got swept up in stupid lies. I wonder if the next girl does too? I mean the last one says he played her. I should of listened. Girls know that shit.

At least now I can not stress to the point of throwing up and I can find someone who actually wants me.

Joining the dating sites... Though they never actually help. Hahaha!

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